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About us:

Maryann Cherubino is a professional jewelry maker and has been practicing and perfecting the art of making fork bracelets for years. Residing in eastern Pennsylvania, her craft is making it's way up and down the entire east coast.

Each one of her bracelets are made by her own hands and crafted in a unique way, specific to how she wants each particular bracelet to look. Her creations cause people to remark wherever and whenever she wears them in public!

This "How To" product was created so you can also experience the joy making something beautiful and having people be amazed that it was created by YOU!

And you CAN do it. Special care was taken in the making of these videos so that NO step was left out and that anyone will be able to make their very own fork bracelets if you just follow the steps in the videos.

We hope you take advantage of these gems of knowledge and create your very own jewelry that you can wear proudly! Good luck on your adventure. Hope we can help you along!

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Here's some feedback from some of our happy customers!

"Wonderful video! Fast service.
"Love the bracelets & now a video! Thanks!"
"Ordered for the wife. She's already made 4 bracelets!"
"Nice dvd with good information!! AA++ dealer and AAA+++ deal!"
"Great product!"
"Just what I was hoping it wold be! Very pleased!"



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